Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A sonic slice out of time, Kurt's Jam, 28 March 1987... and a bit more

Kurt's Jam  

For a few years in the mid-late 1980s, Kurt hosted a loose -- make that wild and woolly  -- series of extremely informal jam sessions in his old live/work space on Anaheim Street in Long Beach. This track is the first of likely many we will be posting in coming months as we work through the big box of cassettes that Kurt left behind...

This very rough, super lo fi, totally improvised jam session was recorded on a crummy boombox in March of 1987. Kurt was playing drums and joined by Michael Tracy, Steve Becker, Richard Black, Don Green, and TK Major.

Do the Dance with Me

You can download different formats from this track's home on the Internet Archive:

Another slice...

This track is a bit less chaotic than the first track from Kurt's Jam... it's a (still quite informal) multitrack recording that features Kurt playing two passes of various percussion instruments, with TK Major supplying guitars, vocals, and keyboards.

13th Bar Blues

You can download your own copy from the Internet Archive: