Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kurt's treasured friend...

At his memorial, Kurt's treasured friend of his final year, Charlene Mitchell, said in part:

"We laughed every day... We watched a lot of movies, mostly comedy... We danced together, listened to music, he played his music... Kurt, I asked God why I didn't meet you years ago. God said this was the time you needed me most... You were very special."

He was always so open and encouraging...

David Norling shared this memory:

"I, of course, am running through all the memories I have of Kurt...and one that stands out is in my Long Beach days when I was an aspiring poet I would often show Kurt my poems, and he was always so open and encouraging and motivating that long after I'd lost the courage to show them to anyone else I still showed them to Kurt.

"He was, in fact, the last person I ever shared my poems with before I stopped writing them. Not that they were ever any good, but he just made me feel good for having written them...What a guy, what a loss!"