Monday, September 7, 2009

Kurt Schnyder's ART SHOW November 6th 2009 Fort Myers Florida


Kurt started making art very early. As a small child, he was discovered rummaging through wastebaskets, looking for objects to incorporate into fanciful creations. Coloring books and the usual children’s art supplies were of no interest to him.

In elementary and high school, teachers recognized his talent and wanted to track his progress. He resisted, seeming to regard this as an attempt to categorize him and somehow capture and limit his art.

In college, he accepted the guidance of and association with his art instructors and at least one of them remained a life-long friend. For one school art show, he enlisted his brother to help him throw sand on strips of lath nailed to a wall (and, presumably, to help clean it up).

Kurt had no interest in pursuing a degree in art because he feared university training would attempt to channel his creativity. Instead, he worked as a house painter, decorator, and muralist and continued to make art. He seemed driven to explore and master every artistic medium he could.

Music was another field he enjoyed; even his cooking sometimes employed sophisticated techniques developed on his own. He was a graceful, agile, and daring athlete who loved to entertain children and who carried a childlike sense of fun and wonder throughout his life.

Kurt hated to part with his art and never considered a work finished. This show is the one way his friends and family can finally share the art of Kurt Schnyder.

We hope you enjoy it.


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